Small Businesses in Ontario Are Being Crushed By Their Hydro Bills: Here’s What to Read

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Here’s what we’re reading today:

1. Hydro bills are the biggest threat to Ontario businesses

“Tor Krueger has big plans for Udder Way Artisan Cheese Co., which sells handmade goat cheese in Stoney Creek, Ont. But crushing hydro bills are hurting the artisan cheese maker’s plans to modernize his facility so he can get federal certification and sell his cheeses across the country.

“‘After payroll, hydro is consistently one of my top three operating expenses,’ Mr. Krueger said.”

Globe and Mail

2. Turkey, Russia and an assassination: The swirling crises, explained

“Turkey and Russia, whose up-and-down relationship has helped shape the Syrian war and its related crises, shared a new trauma on Monday after an off-duty Turkish police officer assassinated Russia’s ambassador.The killing of Andrey G. Karlov in Ankara caused global alarm and raised questions about the larger consequences.

“On social media, many drew parallels to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, which helped set off World War I — a comparison that analysts, thankfully, reject.”

New York Times

3. VW Reaches Deal for Emissions-Cheating Audi, Porsche Models

“The accord covering some 2009 to 2016 luxury models resolves another significant piece of Volkswagen’s emissions-cheating scandal. The company admitted last year that about 11 million diesel cars worldwide were outfitted with a so-called defeat device to game U.S. environmental tests.”


4. Despite skepticism, Kevin O’Leary says he’s ‘dead serious’ about Conservative leadership bid

“From the moment he was first mentioned as a potential candidate for the Conservative leadership, the question about Kevin O’Leary has been whether he was seriously considering a bid or simply encouraging the attention to fuel his own personal brand.

“On Monday, O’Leary insisted he was indeed serious, offering more insight into his efforts to organize a team, and said that his formal entry into the race is just a technicality.”

National Post

5. Scientists measure antimatter atom for 1st time

“Physicists from CERN in Switzerland have taken another step forward in our understanding of the makeup of the universe.

While you may be familiar with the term antimatter from science-fiction shows like Star Trek, it’s a real thing. Scientists know it exists — small amounts of it rain down on us all the time — but capturing it and actually seeing it has been tricky. ”

CBC News