This Auston Matthews-Inspired Trap Song Actually Kinda Bangs

Hockey references in hip-hop songs happen as often as President Trump has good hair days. Rappers generally stick to the holy triumvirate of basketball, football and baseball when it comes to sports namedrops, and for good reason — hockey is a cold-ass sport full of crazy white guys in masks (props to Nat X for that insight). But every so often, a stick wizard comes along whose magic is so undeniable even MCs can’t ignore him (eg. “Angels all on my chest, ice on my wrist, I feel like Wayne Gretzky”).

That player, right now, is Auston Matthews. The Toronto Maple Leafs’ all-star rookie is so good he gets more than a mere reference — there’s a whole doggone trap song about him. “Auston Matthews” by Ottawa-based artists SVDVM, Black Irish, and Xuave (that’s right — even folks in Sens territory can’t deny his greatness) is one hell of a turn up anthem. One that deserves to be blaring out of every club in The Six — or, I don’t know, at the Air Canada Centre during warm-ups. Just listen to that outbreak-ready hook: “Auston Matthews…Auston Matthews…Hit ‘em with the four like Auston Matthews, BRUP BRUP BRUP BRUP!” (A reference, of course, to that time Papi made history by scoring four goals in his NHL debut.) Eat your heart out, Future.

All snark aside, it’s actually a pretty catchy track. You can already envision the Buds chest bumping, doing the trap elbows, and getting all fired up to it in the locker room. It might look something like this:

This song is destined to soundtrack every Matthews highlight reel from here on out. For now, though, you’ll just have to settle for turning down the volume on the below video and blasting the track in another tab.