John Oliver Is Finally Back, and He’s Taking Aim at Trump

His ad campaign might’ve claimed otherwise, but we’re pretty stoked that Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has finally returned.

The witty Brit was only on hiatus for three months, but we’ve felt a serious void every time something’s gone down inside the haunted mansion that is Trump’s White House. In his absence, Oliver missed out on covering the Inauguration, the subsequent marches, alternative goddamn facts, and the Bowling Green Massacre.

Well, it’s no use crying over missed rants. Oliver is back and he came armed with a doozy of a season premiere that highlighted Trump’s weird relationship with the truth. Despite speaking for over 20 minutes about Trump’s horrifying reliance on Breitbart News, InfoWars’ Alex Jones, and random tweets, Oliver — still in fine form — found the time to question a commercial about a cowboy who needs a catheter and even bring up that furry little Richard Gere rumour.

We missed you!