You Can Own This Guitar Once Played by Kurt Cobain

Hello, hello, hello, how low? If you’re asking about the price of this guitar once played by Kurt Cobain, the answer, most likely, will be “not very.”

In celebration of what would have been the late rock legend’s 50th birthday, eBay is auctioning off the Nirvana frontman’s Hagstrom Blue Sparkle Deluxe Guitar. Owned by Cobain in 1992, it was given to a close friend by his widow Courtney Love in 1994. The guitar has remained unplayed for the last few decades, and we suggest keeping it that way even if you win it. Imagine explaining to a repair shop that you broke the neck on Kurt Cobain’s guitar because your inexperienced ass tried to play “Lithium.”


The “high-profile” auction is such that interested bidders will need to submit to a prescreening to maintain the integrity of the promotion. Ten per cent of its proceeds will be donated to a nonprofit in Portland that helps transition the homeless into housing programs.

The auction begins February 16.