This Toronto Engineering School Just Dropped Some Seriously Covetable Sweats

University is long in the past for most of us, but the Lassonde School of Engineering at York University is doing everything in it’s power to lure us back. It’s not just the shiny new modernist Bergeron Centre that houses the school, or the program’s commitment to rethinking who and what engineers can be under their “renaissance engineer” concept, but the official clothing of the program, of all things, is having an impact too.


Instead of the typical logo-emblazoned, school-colours-doused, mass-produced university apparel, the program has partnered with engineer-turned-fashion-designer Matt Davies to reimagine what this can be, in both form and function. Instead of something you only break out to show school spirit at a football game or homecoming, Davies has designed a small collection of contemporary athleisure wear that students (or really, anyone) can live and work in.

The capsule consists of slim sweatpants, a tailored zippered hoodie, and a T-shirt. The trim cuts, neutral palette of grey, black, and white, unisex sizing, thoughtful design elements (hidden pockets in the sweats, embroidered eyelets for headphones in the hoodie), and a lack of branding save for a minimal stylized “L” for Lassonde, make them all practical and comfortable. And forget about poly-blends — the garments are made from high quality combed cottons from Montreal, and are manufactured in Scarborough.

So relive the glory days, or simply just live, in these understated and stylish athleisure pieces that aren’t just for students anymore. Even if, you know, they were designed for them.

From $15,

Photography: Zachary Hertzman