With Andrew Scheer, the Conservative Party Bucks Populist Trend

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Here’s what we’re reading today.

1. In choosing Andrew Scheer, Conservatives buck global populist trend

“Around the world, conservatives have been shaking up the status quo, and for a time, it looked like Canadian conservatives were going to do the same.”

Toronto Star

+1: Scheer owes the so-cons — and that could be a problem – iPolitics

+1: What does Andrew Scheer really believe in? – Vice News

+1: ‘Kellie Leitch’s problem is that you only get one tearful apology’ – CBC News

2. Ontario regaining status as economic engine for Canada

“Canada’s big banks are forecasting that Ontario will lead the country in economic growth this year or be within a hair of the top of the pack. Unemployment sits at its lowest level in 16 years. And that economic success is being felt across a range of sectors, including manufacturing, real estate, finance and technology.”

CBC News

3. How long does Jared Kushner have left in the White House?

“Over the past week, Mr. Kushner, who at age 36 occupies an ill-defined role somewhere between princeling and President Trump’s shadow chief of staff, has seen his foothold on that invaluable real estate shrink amid revelations he is under scrutiny in a federal investigation into whether there was collusion with Russian officials during the presidential campaign.”

New York Times

4. French president Macron to Putin: Use of chemical weapons in Syria would lead to immediate response

“Emmanuel Macron, the new French president, has warned that France would respond immediately to any use of chemical weapons in Syria, while urging a closer partnership with Russia in fighting Islamic State (Isis) in the country.

“‘A very clear red line exists on our side – that is the use of chemical weapons by whomever,’ Macron said at a joint news conference in at the Palace of Versailles after his first meeting with the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin.”

The Guardian

5. Pro-Trump media figure and conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec is out at The Rebel

“Less than two months after joining The Rebel as its Washington bureau chief, pro-Trump media figure Jack Posobiec has parted ways with the right-wing Canadian media organization.

“News of his departure began spreading online Sunday thanks in large part to a story on animeright.news that claimed Posobiec was let go due to his coverage of the murder of Seth Rich, a conspiracy theory fanned by right-wing outlets. An earlier post on the 8chan message board also made the same claim. Neither post offered evidence to back up the rumor.”

BuzzFeed News