Here’s the Ultimate One-Word Interview with Kimi Raikkonen

As far as Formula One drivers go, you’d be hard-pressed to find many as accomplished as Kimi Raikkonen: since bursting onto the scene in 2001, the Finnish speed demon has racked up 20 wins, 86 podium finishes, and a World Championship.

It’d be pretty easy, though, to find a better interview subject. Raikkonen, who goes by the self-appointed nickname “Iceman,” has a particularly icy relationship with the media. He’s prone to calling journalists out on “stupid questions,” giving one-word answers, and unexpectedly detailing his bowel movements.

So, when given the opportunity to speak with Raikkonen before this weekend’s Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal — at an event celebrating the newest Hublot Big Bang Ferrari timepiece — we decided to steer into the skid and keep things as simple as possible with a little word association. Here’s what we got.

Montreal. Hockey.

Poutine. Huh?

Racing. Ferrari.

Winning. Driving.

Watch. Hublot.

Finland. Home.

Hockey. Fun.

Karaoke. Fun.

Iceman. Cold.

Fatherhood. Family.

Pelé. Football.