The New Jaguar F-Type Is the Perfect Bang-For-Your-Buck Sports Car

Ours is a shallow world, where books are judged but their covers and people are judged by their pocket squares. Maybe it shouldn’t be this way. Or maybe it’s just another opportunity to stand out.

When you need to be flashy, a Jaguar is always a good bet. The F-Type is the direct successor to the company’s famous E-Type, the car Enzo Ferrari once admitted was the most beautiful ever made. And it was designed by Ian Callum who, before becoming Jaguar’s head designer, was responsible for some very lovely Aston Martins.


Of course, even beautiful cars occasionally need a facelift. For 2018, Jaguar’s sports car receives a little nip/ tuck: new headlights, a new infotainment system, an app that lets you record your drive and share it, like people do with their workouts on Nike+.

But here’s the real opportunity: now, there’s a more affordable F-Type. Undercutting the supercharged V6 model is a new, turbocharged, four-cylinder one. It’s available as a coupe (starting at $68,600) and convertible ($71,500). With 296 horsepower it’s far from slow, and has enough substance to back up its style.


Even with the downsized engine, the F-Type shouldn’t lose any street-cred. The body remains the same, so hardly anybody will be able to tell your F-Type isn’t packing the full-fat V8. And anyone judging you by the car you drive (also known as everybody)—even those who can tell the difference — will respect your choice. Because the F-Type offers bang-for-buck — and limitless flash — that you simply can’t find anywhere else.