Auston Matthews Got the Calder Trophy, but Patrik Laine’s Moustache Won the NHL Awards

The Auston Matthews vs. Patrik Laine debate can finally be put to rest — for now, at least. While the two whippersnappers put forth impressive rookie campaigns this past NHL season, only one could take home the 2016-17 Calder Trophy. That person was most definitely Matthews. And it wasn’t even remotely close: the Leafs star got 164 of 167 first place votes, with Laine getting the other three.

Which is all well and good and stuff, but Matthews’ 69-point season had nothing on the real star of the NHL Awards: Patrik Laine’s absolutely dastardly ‘stache and slicked back hair combo.

The Jets star looked like Draco Malfoy…if Draco Malfoy grew up to work for the KGB and moonlight as the coach of Team Iceland in Mighty Ducks 2.


Naturally, Twitter had a time with this one.

Calder, schmalder.