Toronto Housing Affordability At Lowest Levels Since 1985: Here’s What We’re Reading

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Here’s what we’re reading today.

1. Toronto homeownership on average costs almost 75% of families’ income

“Most financial experts agree that an average household should not spend more than a third of their income on housing.”

– Vice News

+1: Young adults want to buy homes but can’t afford them – The Outline

2. Iraq declares Isis’s ‘has fallen’ after symbolic victory in Mosul

“Iraqi troops have seized the ruins of Mosul’s grand mosque from Isis, the military said in an announcement, declaring the extremists’ reign in the country to be over.”


+1: Islamic State revenues down 80 per cent from 2015 – Foreign Policy

+1: Iran confirms death of ISIS leader al-Baghdadi – Iran Front Page

3. Petya ransomware virus looking more and more like deliberate cyberattack on Ukraine

“The hack’s reach touched some of the country’s most crucial infrastructure including its central bank, airport, metro transport, and even the Chernobyl power plant, which was forced to move radiation-sensing systems to manual.”

The Verge

4. Once a model city, Hong Kong is in trouble

“When the British left 20 years ago, Hong Kong was seen as a rare blend of East and West that China might seek to emulate. Now, increasingly, it’s a cautionary tale.”

New York Times

4. The rise of the thought leader

“How the superrich have funded a new class of intellectual.”

New Republic