Ontario Liberals Accused of Using Bad Weed Plan as Distraction: Here’s What We’re Reading

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Here’s what we’re reading today.

1. Opposition accuses Ontario Liberals of using weed announcement as a distraction

“Both Tory Leader Patrick Brown and NDP Leader Andrea Horwath are questioning the timing of Friday’s announcement that the recreational marijuana sales will be restricted to 150 LCBO-run stores and a website.

“‘They’re trying to have a rushed announcement as a distraction. They don’t want us talking about the Liberal corruption trials; they want us to be talking about some salacious issue,’ Brown told reporters Monday.”

Toronto Star

2. Toronto is gambling with billions

“My point here is only that the mayor so loves megaprojects that he will invent more of them just for the fun and expense of it. And he loves them so much, he has repeatedly ignored the advice of his political and professional colleagues with greater experience, as well as impartial experts on the details of both the Gardiner and the SSE, including his own chief planner.”


3. Evacuate for hurricane, lose your job

“Millions of people were ordered to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Irma. Some didn’t because their bosses told them not to.”

The Outline

4. A requiem for the iPhone home button

“But there’s still something distinctly hostile about it, design and features trumping ease of use and peace of mind. Most people still don’t know how to use iPhones to their full potential. We get tired looking through a dozen haphazardly organized icons in Control Center. We struggle to learn the subtle differences between 3D Touch and long-press and a simple tap. We never remember what we can and can’t ask Siri. Did you use the four-finger gesture to close apps, or the 3D-touch swipe to switch between them? Of course not.”


5. Steve Bannon doesn’t understand layering

“Last night on 60 Minutes, the Breitbart exec and former White House Chief Strategist dressed in an all-black outfit that included a black polo shirt, black button down, and roomy black blazer. We’re big fans of going Johnny Cash-style black-on-black. This, however—with one collar piled on top of another—is not the way to do it.”


+1: Alex Jones thinks President Trump’s soda is being drugged every day – Esquire