Justin Trudeau: Canada Won’t Do Business With Boeing While It’s ‘Trying to Sue Us’ – Here’s What We’re Reading

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Here’s what we’re reading today.

1. Canada won’t do business with Boeing while it’s ‘busy trying to sue us,’ Trudeau says

“The comments represent the strongest yet against the U.S. aerospace giant since Boeing launched a trade dispute with Montreal-based rival Bombardier earlier this year. And they leave little doubt Trudeau’s Liberal government is serious about walking away from a controversial plan to purchase 18 interim Super Hornet fighter jets from Boeing if the company doesn’t stand down.

‘We have obviously been looking at the Super Hornet aircraft from Boeing as a potential significant procurement of our new fighter jets,’ Trudeau said ‘But we won’t do business with a company that’s busy trying to sue us and trying to put our aerospace workers out of business.'”

CBC News

2. Dissenting doctors write open letter in support of federal tax reforms

“‘We were really fed up with the narrative that our colleagues were putting forth and that our medical associations were putting forth as the only opinion out there,’ said Dr. Sarah Giles. ‘We’ll probably have friends never talk to us again. People are ridiculously emotional about this.’

“Among other things, Morneau wants to stop allowing some tax-saving mechanisms through incorporation that physicians say are essential given that they have no access to benefits other employees enjoy. Angry medical associations say doctors will leave Canada for the U.S., and female physicians will be disproportionately hurt.”

Toronto Star

3. Trump pushes reform in United Nations debut, calls for ‘changing business as usual’

“President Trump called on the United Nations to enact reforms to the world body, pledging Monday in his debut here at the annual General Assembly meetings that he and his administration will be ‘partners in your work.’

“Speaking at the opening session of the four-day conference, Trump said the organization founded in 1945 has “not reached its full potential” in recent years because of a bloated bureaucracy and ‘mismanagement.'”

Washington Post 

4. To fix its toxic ad problem, Facebook must break itself

“Two incidents in recent weeks have highlighted how Facebook’s advertising network—the cornerstone of its half-trillion-dollar valuation—is as susceptible to manipulation and bigotry as its news feed. Facebook addresses each problem as it arises, in isolation. But maybe it’s time for Facebook to acknowledge that it can’t solve these problems alone and to ask for help—before governments offer their own ‘help.'”


5. Donald Glover, the only dressed man in Hollywood

From Choire Sicha: “Men exhibit both their pride and their fear through clothing. It’s very easy to disappear into contemporary evening wear for men, which is where its invention was intended to lead us. Men express themselves in the conformity of the evolution of, or revolution over, tiny, tiny details.”

New York Times