Letter from the Editorial & Creative Director: Serious About Fun

I recently read an article about a luxury brand that didn’t mind laying claim to having a sense of humour. What especially resonated with me is their assertion that they value quality but remain human. That’s something rare — humour in the luxury space, that is — and I’m not sure why.

At Sharp, we’re not immune to the idea that luxury isn’t a laughing matter. As readers, you’ve likely noticed that Sharp’s print edition and SharpMagazine.com have a “smart funny” style while Sharp: The Book For Men has a more composed voice. Why? Well, we want to create a product that resonates with our readers’ sensibilities and dispositions and, by and large, we’ve drawn inspiration for that from the many brands that inspire and inform our content. Increasingly, it seems that these brands are having more fun, their collections more eclectic, vibrant, and forward-looking.

And rightly so. Everyone I know who loves, buys, or simply admires luxury goods also likes to have a good time, and laugh a lot as well. Often, our most jocular and memorable gatherings are ones where we’re dressed well, eating well, and drinking well — and that’s to say they’re just like the gatherings where we’re not. No doubt because it’s the occasion — not the trappings — that are truly important. At the core, we wear our bespoke jackets and suits to feel good and that’s even more fun in a group. We revel in the details and idiosyncrasies of our favourite watches, the beauty and performance of fine automobiles, and the comfort and enjoyment of top tier service at a restaurant or hotel.

And yet remove luxury from the equation and we will have an equally good and memorable time. Which is to say that luxury does not require nor does it effect a change on a person. So moving forward, perhaps we can all celebrate the things we enjoy more than we venerate them. As I encourage my young son to do every single day: “Have fun!” We are.

Michael La Fave
Editorial & Creative Director