Which Sports Podcasts Should I Listen To?

We’re in the golden age of sports-related podcasts, with a plethora of audio-only shows providing infinitely more entertainment and info than your typical TV talking head. (But we still love you, Gino Reda.) Here are the best of the moment.

30 for 30 is beyond compare, thanks to a combo of interesting subjects and great storytelling. If you’re coming from This American Life and want to ease into a starter sports podcast that isn’t a total statsfest, this is the one to subscribe to.

It’s a weird title if you’re not into tennis, but No Challenges Remaining is a podcast that’s been going strong for seven years. Courtney Nguyen and Ben Rothenberg know everything that’s ever happened in tennis, but they aren’t assholes about it.

If you’re looking to get ahead of basketball gossip, check out The Ringer NBA Show. It’s got a huge following for a reason: it’s timely, well produced, and full of exactly the details you need to keep up to date on the soap opera that is the NBA.

If you’d rather hear it from the horse’s mouth, Philadelphia 76er JJ Redick hosts The JJ Redick Podcast.It’s your rare chance to hear professional basketball players speaking as both regular humans and passionate lovers of the game.