The Best Carry-On Luggage Will Make Plane Travel a True Pleasure

There’s a lot more to a trip than arriving at your final destination. How you get there matters, and so does what you look like in the TSA lineup. Flying is hardly the most painless activity, so we’ve curated a list of the best carry-on luggage bags that will make the process as effortless as you deserve it to be. No more broken zippers or tearing fabric — heck, even bags with just two wheels aren’t up to snuff anymore. Here are the carry-ons that are changing the travel game.

Victorinox Spectra 2.0 Dual-Access Frequent Flyer Carry-On

This innovative, durable, extra-capacity carry-on bag for the frequent flyer didn’t receive a design excellence award for nothing. Meet your new compact, functional, sleek travel partner that won’t steal your extra leg room as it meets most carry-on regulations of major airlines.


Rimowa Essential Cabin

Said to be the world’s first polycarbonate suitcase, designed in Germany, this carry-on provides the best in high-tech functionality. It’s all in the name; the Essential is simply an essential to your travel routine. It’s lightweight yet strong and its telescopic handle, which offers seamless adjustment to maximize smoothness, is just one of its many appealing features.


Away The Carry-On

The original carry-on comes in nine sleek colours and can be purchased with or without an ejectable battery. The addition of the battery comes at no extra cost and allows you to charge your device on the go, up to five times. To hell with airport wall outlets!


The Floyd Cabin

Floyd prides itself on their attention to detail, quality, and cleverness. They believe their carry-on bags will be innovative and exciting enough to the most experienced travellers, and honestly, they may be right. The brand draws inspiration from 1970s skateboard culture and Venice Beach, but their bags are also sleek and sophisticated enough for the modern executive. Their cabin bag comes in five “fun” colours to keep the teenager in you alive, even during mandatory business trips.


Tumi International Carry-On

The international carry-on from the Tumi Latitude collection comes in five unique colours. It includes a discreet TSA lock and four lightweight spinning wheels, so it does most of the work for you. Take a break from lugging your suitcase through security.


Horizn Studios Polycarbonate, Nylon, and Leather Carry-On Suitcase

Horizn Studios’ cabin-friendly carry-on is the perfect compact four-wheeler to accompany you on your next business trip. The waterproof front pocket acts as an umbrella for your electronics and important documents while the TSA-approved combination padlock keeps your essentials secure. The built-in charger allows you to stay connected and the sleekness of the bag as a whole will keep you looking sharp from departure until arrival.


Louis Vuitton Horizon 50

This carry-on comes in three styles and is as lightweight as it is stylish. It boasts four wheels and a completely flat interior. It also has a discreet new TSA lock and said to have the most comfortable wheels every designed by Louis Vuitton. The Horizon 50 is your new wingman for your next weekend getaway.


Prada Leather-Trimmed Canvas Carry-On Suitcase

Travelling in general, whether for a weekend getaway or a meeting, is never a breeze. You have to worry about being on time, not forgetting your laptop or passport, and hoping you brought enough underwear. One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is the vessel that holds all of these items you’re hoping to remember. Your carry-on bag goes on the plane with you and lands safely with you as well, it should be just as top-of-mind as your Nexus card, and just as put-together as you are. This Prada suitcase is a compact size with space to fit clothes and essentials. Even if you’re stressing to make sure none of your necessities were left behind, you’ll at least look like you’ve got your shit together.


Paul Smith Black Canvas Multistripe Suitcase

Paul Smith’s signature multicolour stripes make an appearance on this otherwise simple, black carry-on bag. The bag also features a top and side carry handle as well as a concealed telescoping metal carry handle secured in a zip closure at the top. This suitcase is where practicality meets sleek style and won’t leave you with any post-purchase regrets.