Sharp Elite Guests Test Drive New Porsche Taycan at Exclusive Track Experience

In-person events are in short supply these days, so we here at Sharp were eager to welcome a group of Porsche enthusiasts from Sharp Elite to test drive the new Taycan. From October 14th to 15th, guests drove the first all-electric Porsche on a handling course where they experienced full-throttle acceleration – we’re talking 0-100km/h in 2.4 seconds – around tight and fast cornering thanks to 4-wheel steering and braking.

In the 911 Carrera S, guests did lead-follow lapping exercises where they could continually increase their speed on the track while following while receiving radio instructions from a pro driver in front of them. They also performed a high-speed slalom where they could experience first-hand the handling, stability systems and rear wheels steering of the Carrera S. As a bonus, all guests received Sharp VIP gift bags.

Scroll through scenes from the event here:

Photography: Josh Fee