5 Luxury Decor Tips to Elevate Your Home Using Digital Display


We may enjoy our analog luxuries — a great timepiece, for example, or a vintage car — but the world we live in is unquestionably a digital one. So why not lean into that experience at home? When it comes to large-sized digital displays like The Wall by Samsung, the micro LED technology offers an experience that goes beyond that of a television. In fact, it doesn’t have to be something that just sits in a space — it can be used to create ambiance and mood, and enhance the space itself. Here are a few ideas on how best to use this technology to enhance the way you live.


It’s one thing to binge episodes of Frasier on your tiny laptop screen. But if your evening plans include Thor: Ragnarok or a Fellini marathon, you’re going to want something a bit more sophisticated. Create a premium cinema-quality entertainment experience to enjoy from the comfort of your own home with a larger than life digital display, turn the volume way up (trust us), and enjoy the show.


Your ratatouille might be delicious, but want to really impress your guests? Just as Emily Post might say, pay attention to the centrepiece. A sophisticated digital centrepiece can provide stunning visual displays which you can personalize to suit your home’s decor or special occasion. When not in use, The Wall doesn’t have to be a black rectangle – in ambient mode, this digital canvas can be used to display large-scale curated artworks, paintings, photographs or video art.


We’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors this summer – and as it turns out, we kind of like it. Even as the weather turns, you can use Samsung’s digital displays to simulate the grandeur of nature indoors. The Wall, with its true-to-life picture is designed to change as your mood does — whether you want to relive a favourite travel experience or traversing a mountaintop, all from your dining room table.


Your screens shouldn’t be an afterthought. In the same way a television looks so much better installed on the wall or into a custom shelving unit, integrating digital technology directly into the structure of your home is a great way to enhance its decor. The Wall can be customized from 146” up to 583” and with a slim, bezel-less design, the screen blends right into its surroundings.


The great thing about modern smart technology is that it is really smart. That means screens that don’t just respond to your commands — but improve the picture quality of the con- tent you’re watching. For example, the Samsung AI picture quality engine delivers optimized picture quality scene-by- scene, giving you details from bright highlights to the dark shadows that you did not see before. And if that’s not luxury, we don’t know what is.