How This Bespoke Tailor Reinvented the 3 Piece Suit

Garrison Bespoke already has a reputation as the finest tailor in town. And now, the suiting specialist responsible for the Harvey Specter’s wardrobe on Suits is revolutionizing the classic 3 piece suit with their new combination Action Suit and Bomber Track Jacket.

By mixing luxury sportswear and contemporary tailoring, Garrison founder Mike Nguyen wants to make sure these suits are as stylish as they are versatile. For example, the two-way zipper jacket is perfect for patio season, while the tailored blazer is a hit at any formal event. The best part? The trousers work for any occasion. The technical travel suit is made with a cloth that’s been developed over four years. It’s already become a favourite among top athletes for comfort on game day without losing style points. 

Photos courtesy of Garrison Bespoke