The Best Father’s Day Gifts for Your Car-Obsessed Dad

Need a Father’s Day gift idea for the dad who always cranes his neck to look at passing cars, and whose Instagram feed is filled with all manner of coupes, cabriolets, and classic SUVs? We’ve got you covered.

A better Zoom background

Automobilist is a crew of artists and creatives who make the coolest car posters we’ve ever seen. Their officially-licensed, limited-edition prints are made using hyper-detailed computer-generated models and/or original photography. Thousands of hours go into creating these images. Automobilist works with Formula One teams, famous drivers, and automotive brands — so whatever the dad in your life is into, Automobilist will have something for him. $66 – $400

A getaway bag

Harry Rosen has done the hard work of curating all the bags you could ever want. Any one of their duffels would be great to toss into the trunk for an impromptu road trip or weekend cottage visit. We like these Monte & Coe bags, because A) they’re made in Toronto and B) they’re made out of breathable, sustainable Italian wool. $595$695

An indestructible wrench set

Having just the right tool for a fiddly, hard-to-reach, potentially curse-inducing job is a deeply satisfying feeling. Gray Tools is based in Brampton, Ontario, and is one of the last manufacturers of made-in-Canada hand tools. No matter how handy a dad is (or isn’t), a good set of combination wrenches — like this 12-point kit finished in mirror chrome — is a must for any garage. $425

A film to spark joy

The Oscar-nominated documentary On Any Sunday about “motorcycle sport and the men who ride” just turned 50 years old. But watching Steve McQueen spend his free time blasting across the desert on a big old Triumph and seeing Malcolm Smith wheelie around a motocross track while being chased by his dog is still just as powerful an advertisement for motorcycling as it was in 1971. In fact, now blessed with a nostalgic glow, it’s even better. The documentary is widely available on DVD, streaming, and — to get a full dose of nostalgia — VHS. $16

A new lens on the world

Summer is here, finally. These boxy sunglasses from Prada have strong lines but don’t take themselves too seriously. The pink-ish lenses let anyone see the world through rose-tinted glasses. They’ll work just as well in the car on the way to the beach as they will on the sand. $560

A remote-control toy

The next best thing to getting the father in your life a vintage Porsche 911, is getting him a remote-controlled one. Tamiya is the go-to brand for these things. The 1/10 scale 1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RSR kit is battery-powered and runs on an all-wheel-drive chassis with independent double-wishbone suspension. Some light assembly is required and almost every part of the car can be upgraded and customized, which means crashing it into a wall is no big deal. $227

A hat fit for a hero

If the dad you know is into cars, chances are he’s also a fan of Ayrton Senna, perhaps the greatest driver who ever lived. Senna wasn’t just fast though, he also had god-tier style. Vintage Senna team jackets sell for crazy money (be careful; there are plenty of fakes out there), but this blue Nacional hat — similar to the one that could be seen on Senna’s head throughout much of the early 1990s — is a great official replica. Just flatten out the brim like Senna did and you’re good to go. $34


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