Why Louis Vuitton’s New Felt Line Is the Future of Circular Fashion

Luxury and Louis Vuitton are synonymous. But what about luxury and sustainability? Turns out, there can be a happy marriage there.

In Louis Vuitton’s new eco-friendly Felt Line, a Keepall, soft trunk and an overcoat — designs from artistic director Virgil Abloh’s first LV fashion show — are pieces adorned with the idea of reuse and ‘circular creativity’. Inspired by moving blankets, underappreciated but essential, the textile is an unpredictable jacquard — made from certified organic cotton and recycled wool — and allows for a unique patterning of the monogram. And just like moving blankets, the collection is functional and protective, of you and the environment. Sustainable luxury done right.

The entire collection is made using certified recycled or reused material, including the lining, the chains, the straps. Responding to environmental challenges but maintaining high standards is a testament to the creativity and prowess of Abloh and Louis Vuitton. But it’s also in service of a bigger goal: to have 100% of products made through ‘eco-conception’ by 2025. Louis Vuitton is leading by example.

The collection launches July 16th, 2021 on louisvuitton.com.