These 9 Instagram Accounts Are Must Follows For Watch Fans

The world of watches is a big one, with countless contemporary brands and models to learn about, and an even greater universe of vintage designs waiting to be discovered. As with pretty much everything else a person can be interested in, Instagram is home to a large and diverse community of watch enthusiasts, all of whom like nothing more than debating the merits of hand-wound movements and dial finishing in the comments.

Whether you’re shopping for your next grail or just looking for beautiful photography of the world’s choicest timepieces, you’d do well to make these Instagram accounts part of your daily watch dive.


Eric Wind is a vintage watch enthusiast and former watch auctioneer who sells his wares at Wind Vintage in Palm Beach, Florida. His taste is exceptional and the selection of watches from Patek, Rolex, Zodiac, and Universal Geneve, among many others, is equally enviable.


As the world’s oldest continually operating watchmaker, Vacheron Constantin has one of the most extensive vintage archives in the world, and you can find a good number of them here. If you’re looking to go deep on the brand’s historic pocket watch references and funky 1970s designs, there’s no better place to start.

A curated selection of women wearing beautiful watches, plus witty commentary from founder Brynn Wallner. What’s not to like?


Eric Ku sells watches at Loupe This, where you’ll find the usual suspects from AP, Cartier, and Rolex, plus lots of highly unusual ones, too. If you weren’t a fan of the Cartier Crash before, he might make you into one.


Mild-mannered doctor by day, watch superfan by night, Toronto’s RJ Kamatovic loves nothing more than sharing highlights from his large collection of Langes and Grand Seikos, while giving love to the occasional local microbrand like Monta.

Keep up to speed with all of the watch brands in the Sharp Universe, plus the occasional appearance by Brad Pitt and Lewis Hamilton. We might be biased, but we think it’s definitely worth a follow.


Phillip Toledano’s love of quirky 1970s and 1980s watches is matched only by his love of quirky 1970s and 1980s cars. Look here for both, plus advanced warning on his next Viva Bastardo merch collection drop.


As enthusiastic about food, cigars, and fine scotch as he is about watches, this Toronto-based Instagrammer blends his passions in photo compositions featuring all of the above.


Ever wonder if anyone actually dives in a luxury Swiss dive watch? Jason Heaton sure does, and he chronicles his undersea adventures here, complete with a treasure chest’s worth of PADI-approved wristwear.