Meet the Only Chin Grooming Guide You’ll Ever Need

SHARP & Schick

Sure, masks may be in, but remember the chin? It’s among the most important (and unique) features on your face — it frames everything. Naturally, it’s worthy of a little extra tending to these days. That’s why we’ve turned to the new Schick Hydro Stubble Eraser to help celebrate our… chin-dividuality (ba dum tsh).

Five Chin Types, Five Grooming Styles

According to our extremely scientific research, your chin type determines your personality. Well, no, not actually. But what we lack in scientific rigour, we make up for with style tips. Here’s how to groom your facial hair according to your chin.

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The Razor That’s a Win for Your Chin: How the new Schick Hydro Stubble Eraser helps you get the right look — however you shave

Putting your best face forward means keeping your facial hair well-groomed, whether that’s a bit of stubble or a full beard. The new Schick Hydro Stubble Eraser is ready to help you look your best with an easier and more comfortable shave. Here’s how it works:

1. Start with Edge® Sensitive Skin Shave Gel. Formulated with aloe vera, it primes your stubble for a close shave, while moisturizing and working to prevent razor bumps.

2. The Schick Hydro Stubble Eraser’s unique stubble comb lifts and aligns your hair to help prevent tugging and pulling.

3. Three layers of comfort coating on each blade add some welcomed protection for your skin.

4. Nineteen gel pools infused with hydrating green tea soothe and refresh your skin as you go.

5. Easy-to-rinse blades offer 25% more water flow (Compared to Schick® Hydro® 5), while a flip-back precision trimmer lets you trim hard-to-reach places and edge like a pro.

Learn more about the Schick Hydro Stubble Eraser here.