Around the World: A History of Book For Men Style Shoots

The Book For Men has always been dedicated to helping its readers get the most out of life, whether they’re starting a new gym routine or selecting the season’s best pieces from top fashion brands. Travel has always played a leading role as well — from luxurious globe-spanning editorials about whisky tasting on remote Scottish isles to stories about driving supercars on the world’s top racetracks. With each issue’s slate of high-flying travel stories and curated fashion shoots, it didn’t take long for The Book For Men to combine the two categories, creating signature fashion editorials shot on location in some of the world’s most beautiful locales.

Behind the scenes, a high-level fashion shoot is a complicated endeavour, and transplanting one to a remote location takes a high degree of skill and teamwork. As with every highly coordinated exercise, the real trick is making the result look polished and effortless, a candid glimpse at a well-dressed man going about his day — whether he’s heading to work at a skyscraper in Singapore or strolling along the rugged coast of Ireland. That’s the kind of visual magic readers have come to expect from The Book For Men’s fashion editorials and, like every good magic trick, it only works when the sleight of hand is completely invisible.

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Shoot

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Northern Ireland Shoot

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Northern Ireland Shoot

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Northern Ireland Shoot

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Because The Book For Men’s readers don’t live in their suits, our shoots also take advantage of far-flung locations to show off a wide range of stylish casual looks, like this one shot on a rocky beach in Northern Ireland. As the stage for chunky fisherman’s sweaters, wool peacoats, and other staples of classic menswear, the iconic basalt columns of the Giant’s Causeway proved the perfect complement to our shoot of refined off-duty essentials.


london book for men style shoot

London has been teaching the world to dress for centuries, particularly when it comes to tailored menswear. It didn’t take long, then, for The Book For Men to touch down for an editorial devoted to modern suiting in all its forms. This editorial used London’s majestic neoclassical architecture as a backdrop to the year’s best suiting looks, from classic navy two button jackets to three-piece pinstriped ensembles.


Singapore Rooftop Shoot

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Singapore Rooftop Shoot

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Singapore Rooftop Shoot

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Singapore is a global business capital and home to some of the world’s most impressive skyscrapers. As anyone who’s visited in the summer knows, it’s also extremely hot and humid. Despite our milder summers, looking crisp and cool in the heat is a challenge that Canadian men also know well, which created a golden opportunity for The Book For Men to show how it’s done with a collection of breezy summer suiting shot against the Singaporean skyline.