RIMOWA x Tiffany & Co. Make Diamond-Certified Travel Gear

Aluminum and diamond. The two metals don’t often — if ever — come together. But in a partnership between RIMOWA and Tiffany & Co., they collide (at least, metaphorically). An industry pioneer, RIMOWA grew famous by fashioning secure, hard-shell luggage from aluminum. Teaming up with Tiffany & Co., the sparkliest arm of the LVMH empire, RIMOWA takes functional luxury to new heights. RIMOWA x Tiffany reminds us that diamonds are more than a crown jewel — formed under tremendous pressure, they’re ultra tough, too.

Untra-fine materials express through a chromatic sheen on the smooth but textured exterior — its metallic shine reflects the expert craftsmanship honed through years of experience. Posterized silver triangles climb across the gleaming suitcases, referencing the layered sparkles on a Tiffany diamond. Tiffany’s favourite shade of robin-egg blue permeates the collection; hard-plastic wheels, sleek zippers, and leather handles become playful, refreshing accents.

Hugues Bonnet-Masimbert, CEO of RIMOWA, says he’s proud to join forces: “The creation of such purposeful and one-of-kind pieces represents the centuries of expertise behind both brands and the mastery of engineering that we bring to the table.”

‘One-of-a-kind’ is right: the collection doesn’t stray from novelty. Hallmarks of both Tiffany & Co. and RIMOWA characterize the collection: bright accents and diamond-inspired patterns meet trademark durability. Alexandre Arnault, Executive Vice President of Product and Communication at Tiffany & Co., shares the sentiment. He called the eye-catching, silver-and-blue cases “two icons in one, both of which are incredibly personal to me and represent the highest caliber of craftsmanship.”

It’s not the first time we’ve seen Tiffany & Co. play doubles; back in 2021, they famously leaned back on the watch world for a 170-piece, limited edition of the Patek Philippe 5711 with a Tiffany blue dial. Collaborating with a first-class favourite like RIMOWA, though, Tiffany & Co. had to scale their operations up in size.

Crafted with overhead cabins in mind, the RIMOWA Rock-Cut Cabin measures 54 x 38.99 x 22.86 centimetres (that’s 21.26 x 15.35 x 9.06 inches). Though it’s made from sturdy material, the suitcase weighs in at fairly trim 9.7 pounds, so overweight charges shouldn’t be a problem.

The RIMOWA x Tiffany & Co. Rock Cut Cabin, the RIMOWA x Tiffany & Co. Jewelry Case, and the RIMOWA x Tiffany & Co. Jewelry Personal are visiting select RIMOWA stores worldwide, as well as the Tiffany & Co. Landmark in New York. They’re also online at RIMOWA.com and — in Greater China — on Tiffany.com.

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