“What’s In Your Cellar?” With Andrew Shaw

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Most NHL fans will know Andrew Shaw for the aggressive, versatile playing style he honed during the 10 seasons he split between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Montreal Canadiens. That, and the series of concussions that brought about an abrupt end to his career, in 2021, aged just 29-years-old. But what many won’t know about this Belleville boy is that he’s one of very few players who has drunk California cabernet from the Stanley Cup (the Blackhawks bucked the tradition of sipping champagne from the trophy after the team’s 2015 championship win).

SHARP sat down with Shaw recently at Bocado Restaurant in PEC and asked the former forward how he came to appreciate fine wine, what he considers the perfect pairing, and which bottles are the best in his cellar.

Four wine bottles on a bar counter

When did you first become really interested in wine?

I got traded from Chicago to Montreal in 2016 and, when I got there, I was at a time in my life where I was maturing and starting a family. We were all living in the suburbs and my teammates introduced me to cabernet sauvignon and that was when I fell in love with wine. We also got to try some amazing restaurants there and the sommeliers and staff are always trying to spoil you with the best wine in their cellars.

We know you love red wine, but do you have a go-to white?

I like a white wine like the Attems Pinot Grigio from Italy, because I think the light sweetness is what makes a wine like that great. I find adding a little ice and letting it chill out a bit makes it even better.

Andrew Shaw for SHARP magazine with Mark Anthony Wines

Would you ever do white wine pairing? Perhaps something with a classic Beringer Chardonnay from California?  

The pairing I’d have to go with for that one is a little bit of ice and hanging out in the sunshine. I find it’s a great summer patio drink.  

What bottle do you always make sure you have in your cellar?

Well, I’m a big steak guy. I love red meat, so every time I have friends and family over, I grab a bottle of Rodney Strong Cabernet out of the cellar and pair it with a nice big steak.

Thats a great pick — a classic Cali cab. Is there anything else you like from that region?

I think if you want to impress your guests and have something great to pair with red meats, Stag’s Leap Cabernet Sauvignon is another great choice. There are a few bottles I always go back to because I enjoy them and that’s one.

Andrew Shaw for SHARP magazine with Mark Anthony Wines

Do you have more red or white wine in your cellar?

As I said, I’m a real red meat guy, so I probably drink more red. But my wife really loves Riesling, so we always have a lot of that in the cellar, too.

Hockey players are associated with beer rather than wine. Are people ever surprised to learn that you’re into wine?

I think so. But, you know, while hockey players definitely do love their beers — especially in the locker room after the games — when we get together for a nice dinner, usually a lot of great bottles of wine get opened. And, even though most people might think we all just drink beer, I was fortunate enough to get to drink wine from the Stanley Cup.

With thanks to Bocado Restaurant in Prince Edward County.


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