Meet Haider Ackermann: First Creative Director of Canada Goose

It’s a bit of a shock to realize that Canada Goose, one of nation’s most prolific fashion labels, has never had a formal creative director — until today, that is. This morning, the news broke: French designer Haider Ackermann was named Creative Director of Canada Goose, a bold first pick for the outerwear outlet. That’s not the only news, though. To coincide with the company-first appointment, Ackermann tapped Hollywood actress (and big-time environmentalist) Jane Fonda to launch an exclusive PBI Hoodie — a cozy, casual, completely-organic-cotton affair — and announced that all proceeds from the pullover will fund conservation and research at Polar Bears International, a Manitoba-born nonprofit.

“When it comes to the marriage of craftsmanship and beauty, there’s no one more fitting than Haider Ackermann,” says Canada Goose CEO & Chairman Dani Reiss. Ackermann’s position at Canada Goose marks a departure from his headline-making work as a stylist, dressing celebrities like Tilda Swinton and Timothée Chalamet. The PBI Hoodie, however, isn’t brand-new territory; in 2021, Ackermann and Chalamet designed a hoodie in support of Afghanistan Libre, a charity that supports women and children in Afghanistan.

Ackermann says a trip to Churchill, Manitoba — a town known as “the polar bear capital of the world” — inspired him to launch the PBI Hoodie. ““I consider myself a student of the environment and my trip to Churchill lit a fire to do more and be more,” Ackermann says. “My hope is that by coming together with the extraordinary climate champion Jane Fonda, we can help drive people to act — and to do it now.”

Canada Goose Creative Director Haider Ackermann x Jane Fonda

Collaboration is a big theme for Fonda, too, who calls collective action “the only way we can go.” Fonda has a long history of activism, including notable appearances — and multiple arrests — during “Fire Drill Friday” climate rallies in 2019.

“I have put my full force into inspiring planet-friendly choices to address the climate crisis, and partnering with Haider and Canada Goose to bring attention to what’s happening in the Arctic is powerful, important and essential,” the actor says.

Although the PBI Hoodie is only the start of Ackermann’s tenure at Canada Goose, the launch sends a strong message. In addition to charity initiatives and A-list styling, Ackermann’s resume shows a stylish pedigree, including work at Dior, Martin Margiela, and Berluti. In 2010, Karl Lagerfeld even suggested that Ackermann would make a worthy successor at Chanel.

For Canada Goose, a company known for high-performance outerwear, hiring Ackermann is a major move. Last year, the brand flirted with the big leagues of fashion via high-profile collaborations, including capsules with October’s Very Own and Rok Hwang. By involving Ackermann, Canada Goose shows they’re serious about stepping into the luxury fashion space.

PBI Hoodie

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PBI Hoodie

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With hype already building, Haider Ackermann’s official debut — a capsule collection for Canada Goose Fall-Winter 2024 — is virtually guaranteed to turn heads.

The PBI Hoodie is now available in select stores and online.


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