Finding Your Performance Persona

eBay Motors & SHARP

A tailored experience is one that offers a unique and perfect fit, and one that extends to the automotive world as well. You may not be commissioning a seven-figure Porsche 911 reimagined by Singer — with the attendant lengthy wait time — but you can transform your own vehicle into something that reflects your own personal style. And thanks to eBay Motors Canada, you can do it without a lot of sitting around.

With eBay Motors’ trusted sellers and fitment verification process, there’s a galaxy of modifications out there. Take the uncertainty out of the equation by plugging in your vehicle’s make, model, year, and trim level, then browse away to your heart’s content. Many of eBay Motors’ verified sellers are located in Canada and the US for rapid shipping when you’re looking to wrap up those last details, but a global reach means it’s a go-to source for rare and hard-to-find parts.

The possibilities are endless — so, where to start?

ebay performance persona feature
Photo courtesy of HRE Wheels

The Right Shoes

If clothes maketh the man, then the right set of wheels can transform the look of the car. Just as shoes are the first thing observers notice about a well-dressed fellow, a set of lightweight alloy wheels can set the tone from twenty feet away. Go for the classic and understated look if you’re playing up a luxurious feel, or stretch out width and diameter if you want to make a statement when parked up curbside.

Wheels aren’t just for looks either, as they are absolutely central to performance. Compared to steel wheels and even heavy factory alloys, it’s possible to shave kilos away on a part where every gram counts. Unsprung weight, is any part of the car that is not inboard of the suspension, and it is thus really vulnerable to rough pavement and potholes. Further, it will also sap performance: you wouldn’t run a marathon in steel-toecap work boots.

So choose a style that suits, and keep an eye on those weight savings. Next, it’s time to talk ride height.

ebay lowered ferrari
Photo courtesy of HRE Wheels

Get on Down

There’s a reason that performance manufacturers tout every 5mm ride height reduction as an increase in sporty dynamic emotion.” Lowering a car flat out makes it look better, dialing in a frisson of racing machine into pretty much anything. But odds are, the roads you’re driving on aren’t racetrack-smooth.

So you’ve got to choose the right setup. The easiest modifications are performance-oriented springs, best paired with dampers (what we used to call shock absorbers), to keep things firm but controlled. Then there are coilovers, which allow for an individually-set ride height. These require a little more expertise to install, but allow for greater flexibility.

And don’t forget about the anti-roll bars, which do just what they say. An unseen component for the most part, adding in a thicker anti-roll bar (or swaybar) can help you corner flatter. Selecting a proper anti-roll bar with perhaps firmer bushings can help give a vehicle the feel of a lowered suspension while still preserving a little extra ground clearance. Some are even adjustable to help you fine-tune the handling setup you’re looking for.

ebay performance persona feature
Photo courtesy of Brembo

Stopping & Sound

Your ride’s sitting right, looking sharp on the alloy wheels you picked out. But what’s behind those wheels? Upgraded brake packages are all about performance, especially at the track where the proper pistons and brakepads can resist fading after repeated lapping. But upgrading your brakes also puts out a statement that you’re serious about performance.

Likewise, selecting an exhaust system can quite literally hit the right notes. Freer-flowing exhausts increase performance by letting your engine breathe more easily, but the majority of the appeal is about the sound. Modern systems can be subtle at a crawl, then sound off when the revs rise.

ebay performance persona feature
Photo courtesy of Seibon Carbon

Icing the Performance Cake

In fully carbon-fibre monocoque cars like McLarens and Ferraris, composite materials are primarily about weight savings. In less extreme roadcar build, the lightweighting effect is still there, but it’s a little more about the look-back over your shoulder when walking away after parking, rather than the seat of your pants meter.

The two main types of carbon composite are forged carbon-fibre or woven. The latter has a more recognizable pattern to it, especially when finished off with a high-gloss coating. The former is made of chopped carbon fibres, often has a matte finish, and is often even stiffer than the woven type.

From wings to chin spoilers to mirror caps, there are all manner of parts that can polish off the look of your machine. These are the details that make the difference, the titanium cufflinks or carbon-fibre pocket square that sets things off. 

ebay performance persona feature
Photo courtesy of Seibon Carbon

Comprehensive Planning

Every build starts somewhere, but with eBay Motor’s ability to sort through a wide variety of parts, it’s easy to start putting together a list rather than shopping piecemeal. Fill your virtual basket in one go, building on the picture that you see in your head. Instead of having to keep track of multiple suppliers and shipments, it’s all in one place, with vendors you can trust.

Personalizing your ride can be just adding a detail or two, or starting from the ground up with a full plan. So head on over to eBay Motors to start putting your wishlist together. Everyone deserves a tailored experience. You do — and your car does too.