Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Smartphone, Redefined

The new smartphone from Samsung has touched down — and it’s showing signs of intelligent life. That is to say, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, the largest and most powerful model in the newly launched S24 collection, has harnessed the horizon-broadening, possibility-creating power of AI. “Together with Galaxy AI,” says Samsung’s head of mobile business, Raj Doshi, “the latest Galaxy S devices mark a new era in everyday mobile innovation.”

So what exactly does this entail? The Galaxy S24 Ultra is a touch slimmer than its predecessor, sports a 6.8-inch screen, and can charge to 65 per cent battery capacity in just 30 minutes. It’s also been made immeasurably more capable on the software side thanks to the introduction of AI. Take the translator, for example: the S24 Ultra offers instantaneous, two-way translation across all voice and texting apps. It can also transcribe, has perfected conversational tone, and can even suggest relevant replies and actions.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

New gesture-driven technology also puts the latest Galaxy among the most ergonomic smartphones on the market. Users must just hold down the home button to trigger its new search function, then either draw a circle around or highlight a section of the screen to spark a new search — sending the AI assistant off scouring the internet and returning with results within the blink of an eye.

There are major updates elsewhere, too. The S24 Ultra is packed with a suite of editing and recording apps for content creators, and post-production capabilities include camera shift correction, which allows users to alter the angle from which a photo was taken — after it’s already been snapped. There’s also generative-fill, blur stabilization, and “Nightography,” which facilitates clearer image capture in the dark. It has five cameras, with a maximum megapixel count of 200.

So, although AI remains a contentious topic, Samsung offers a look at the benefits it can bring to our lives — and a preview of the streamlined solutions it could offer in the future.