All of the Best Reactions to the Cubs’ Epic World Series Victory

So, uh, yeah. That really just happened. The Chicago Cubs are your 2016 World Champions.

And last night’s epic, history-making Game 7 had everything. A leadoff home run. A blown save by one of baseball’s most untouchable closers. An extra innings rain delay. #apocalypse started trending on Twitter. And a 108-year-old drought finally ended, leaving black cats, billy goats and Steve Bartman all breathing a little easier this morning.

But in case you couldn’t stay up to catch all the postgame madness after 10 innings and nearly five hours of gut-wrenching, tension-filled playoff baseball, we’ve compiled the best reactions to the game below, from the hilarious to the heartbreaking and everything in between.

But first, let’s relive the moment that was a 108 years in the making:

And the award for creepiest prediction of the night goes to:

This two-year-old Tweet first started going viral somewhere around the second inning for its eerily prescient prediction. But by the time Rajai Davis tied things up with a clutch three-run blast in the bottom of the 8th, we wouldn’t have blamed you for going down into your bunker, just to be safe.

Best Prediction of the Night:

Michael Lee sees your two years and raises you another 21. Mic dropped.

The Second-Best Prediction:

This is the sitcom equivalent of “calling your shot.” Take a bow, Parks and Rec writing staff.

Worst Prediction:

See, kids? This is why we don’t get sports prediction tattoos. And/or post them on Twitter.

Best “3-1” Joke:

Nearly every single person on Twitter made some variation of this joke last night, but nobody put it better than Draymond Green.

Second-Best “3-1” Joke:

If you thought becoming an instant meme during your favourite team’s most painful loss was bad enough, just wait until someone Photoshops a Crying Jordan over this poor dude’s face.

Worst In-Game Commentary:

Noted astrophysicist/wet blanket Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s inane running commentary about what the world was like “the last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series” was already bad enough. But wait, it gets even worse: looks like Tyson wasn’t even making up his facts on his own.

Best Celebratory Video, Official Edition:

Not sure whether it’s the sleep deprivation from last night’s 1 AM finish or the video, but we’re just saying it’s getting awfully misty in here all of a sudden…

Best Celebratory Video, Promotional Tie-In Edition:

While you’re getting teary-eyed over a sneaker ad, just remember: Nike had another one of these about Cleveland all put together and ready to go. (But don’t worry, it’s probably already playing somewhere in Eastern Europe or Africa.)

Second-Best Celebratory Video:

Simple. Clever. And probably the best thing Sportscenter’s put together in years.

Best Postgame Celebration, Fan Edition (Part I):

Is it getting chilly in here yet?

Best Postgame Celebration, Fan Edition (Part II):

This was a home game for Cleveland, right? …Just checking.

Best Postgame Celebration, Fan Edition (Part III):

So, yeah, about that whole “no crying in baseball” thing…

Best Postgame Celebration, Player Edition:

It’s official: Anthony Rizzo and Grandpa Rossy are baseball’s best bromance.

Best Postgame Celebration, Dad Edition:

Apparently all the Rizzos are in a glass case of emotion right now.

Best Postgame Celebration, Front Office Edition:

Theo Epstein is living his best life right now.

Best Postgame Celebration, Bill Murray Edition (Part I):

I’m not sure when Murray became the Cubs’ new official mascot, but I’m 100% down for it. (Plus, anything’s better than this.)

Best Postgame Celebration, Bill Murray Edition (Part II):

Bill for MVP.

Best Postgame Celebration, Political Edition (Part I):

You see a happy Cubs fan celebrating a historic win. The Republicans see someone who just lost the Ohio vote.

Best Postgame Celebration, Political Edition (Part II):

Thanks, Obama.

Worst Postgame Celebration, Celebrity Edition:

We get “good sportsmanship” and all, but c’mon Marlee. That’s some bush league trash talk.

Worst Postgame Celebration, Fan Edition:

Actually, we’re not even mad. That’s amazing.

Best Postgame Interview:

Most postgame interviews are trash. Most postgame interviews are not conducted by Drunk Bill Murray.

Best Excuse to Call in Sick to Work Today:

Go ahead and fly the W, Cubs fans. You earned it.

Photo: Elsa / Staff / Getty Images