Why The Glenlivet’s Captain’s Reserve Is the Discerning Man’s Whisky

The Glenlivet & Sharp

As all accomplished men eventually come to learn, life is best lived in pursuit of those rare few moments that stir the soul like no other. These events become our most enduring memories, and are unique to each person — a true reflection of what we’re searching for and how we choose to chase after it. One man’s pivotal experiences might include a spectacular trip; another’s, a date spent dancing to that one incredible song that still takes him back every time it comes on the radio.

To gain proper perspective on this journey, one must take the time to reflect on those occasions that have made a true impact on him. In our experience, this appreciation of life’s definitive moments is best enjoyed with a drink equally worthy of appreciation. And for those in search of that one definitive drink, The Glenlivet may be just what they’re looking for.

Understanding that our lives are defined by the distinctive paths we all take to achieve our goals, The Glenlivet has introduced a fresh perspective on its signature style: The Glenlivet Captain’s Reserve, which is selectively finished in cognac casks to give it a spicy edge and raisin-rich honey notes. This fresh taste profile is the perfect way to make your drinking experience a definitive experience. Because while any whisky can fill a glass, only The Glenlivet has the storied history, pioneering spirit, and polished execution to really rise to the top.



A brief history lesson in what makes Captain’s Reserve a fitting tribute to the character of a Scotsman who established strong ties to France

A new addition to The Glenlivet Reserve range reflecting the defining characters of the distillery’s founding family, Captain’s Reserve honours Captain William Smith Grant, the great-grandson of The Glenlivet’s founder. After fighting in France in WWI, Captain Bill returned to Scotland to fight for his family’s distillery throughout early 20th century prohibition movements. Captain’s Reserve captures his history by combining cognac flavours from the rolling vineyards of France with the trademark citrus profile that gives all The Glenlivet offerings their distinctive Scottish Speyside style. As a finishing touch, it’s packaged in a deep purple box that gives it a grand, regal presence. Available in liquor stores now, just in time for the holidays.


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