The New Lincoln Navigator is a Four-Wheeled Oasis

Over the course of its life, the spectacularly grand Lincoln Navigator has raked in awards and lured plenty of customers out of other automobiles and into its cabin. But once you get to the top, you’ve got to put in work to stay there — which is why Lincoln is giving its flagship Navigator SUV an overhaul for 2022 with new tech and fresh luxuries.

“Elevating a vehicle as successful as [the] Navigator is no small feat,” says Kemal Curic, design director at Lincoln. “We explored more ways for clients to enjoy the sanctuary of their vehicle, using it as a space for personal relaxation and wellness — from home, to work, and to stationary moments.” In other words, the new Navigator intends to make driving less of a chore and more of an escape, something like the vehicular equivalent of a spa day.

Lincoln’s design team went to extreme lengths to create such a serene cabin, which, in theory, will take some of the stress out of traffic jams and daily commutes. For example, instead of the usual alarms and beeps that alert drivers to, say, an unbuckled seat belt, Lincoln brought in the Detroit Symphony Orchestra to record six unique crystalline chimes that play through the vehicle’s speakers. It’s almost worth leaving the fuel-filler door open on purpose just to hear the orchestra in action.

Here’s how the new 2022 Lincoln Navigator is making driving a breezy, relaxing experience.

It’s all in the details

The new Navigator’s cabin can be customized in endless ways — especially the sumptuous, range-topping Black Label — and the quality and honesty of the materials should put passengers at ease. Everywhere you look there’s leather and wood.

2022 Lincoln Navigator interior

“We continue to evolve our exclusive Black Label themes based on luxury trends and the changing environment, ultimately drawing inspiration from our clients,” says Marcia Salzberg, Lincoln’s senior colour and materials designer. The new Black Label “Invitation” theme, she explains, reflects an optimistic view of the future; it’s hard to be down when you’re surround by luxurious, natural materials like open-pore Khaya wood, which expands across the instrument panel and centre console.

Smart tech does the heavy lifting

Up front, there’s a whole raft of new tech that’s meant to make the driver’s life easier. An expansive new 13.2-inch central screen and re-imagined head-up display should simplify finding the info you’re looking for. With Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant in the car, you can simply ask things like, “Alexa, what’s on my calendar today?” Wireless software updates keep all this cutting-edge computing power running smoothly.

2022 Lincoln Navigator head-up display

Finally, Lincoln’s interesting new ActiveGlide system is the sort of added convenience you’ll be grateful for on long trips. It makes hands-free driving possible on over 200,000 kilometres of pre-defined highways across North America.

It’s a serene machine

The high-tech treatment extends to rear seat passengers too, who now have the option of massaging seats. Second-row occupants can control everything — from the climate, to the audio, to the temperature of their seats — thanks to a dedicated new 5.8-inch screen.

And everyone in the cabin can enjoy the optional Revel Ultima 3D audio system, which features no less than 28 speakers. (Your podcasts never sounded so good!)

2022 Lincoln Navigator audio system

For the 2022 Navigator, Lincoln’s engineers were borderline obsessive about making the vehicle itself as quiet, confident, and comfortable as possible, which means you can simply enjoy the stereo, massaging seats, and every other new luxury to the fullest.

So, whether you’re road-tripping through the Rockies or sitting in traffic, the new 2022 Lincoln Navigator might just be the most relaxing way to get where you’re going.

All images supplied by Lincoln.