Get Cozy in Quebec with BMW and This Rental Cabin Inspired By Naval Architecture

Chalet Cabine-A is the rare boat designed entirely for landlocked life. Inspired by naval architecture, the one-of-a-kind rental cabin in Quebec’s Charlevoix region promises to deliver the same sense of deep calm that many sailors enjoy while sleeping aboard their ships. One notable improvement: no risk of sea sickness.

Naturally, road-tripping to Chalet Cabine-A is best done with a car that exudes a sense of calm similar to the secluded cabin itself. Enter the BMW iX: the rare car with an interior luxurious enough to ensure your journey will be just as relaxing as the final destination, with a free-standing centre console — and total absence of a centre tunnel — contributing to an ultra-spacious, lounge-like atmosphere. (And with an estimated range of up to 475 km, you’ll be more than ready to make the trip to the ski hill and back with no need for a recharge.)

Chalet Cabine-A cabin

Once you arrive at Chalet Cabine-A, you’ll realize its picturesque setting is clearly a vital component of the rental experience. The St. Lawrence River sits right at the foot of the property’s sloping terrain, while many of the building’s windows frame views of the shoreline that could trick guests into thinking they’re actually adrift — that is, at least, if it wasn’t for the lush forest landscape that completes the vista.

Chalet Cabine-A cabin

As for the architecture, the area’s rich naval heritage informs the cabin’s unique design concept in several clever ways. For one thing, the structure gets both its name and its overall shape from the design of the nautical flag that represents the letter “A”. Additional triangular elements — like several three-sided windows and a playfully pointy portion of the structure that holds up a cantilevered section of the second storey — serve to reference a ship’s vast sails. Meanwhile, the building’s gable roof slopes down right to the ground, driving home the idea of a beached vessel.

Chalet Cabine-A cabin

While the cabin’s exterior favours stark black finishes, the interiors are clad in warmer wood panelling, with black maintained for select high-impact accents like the track lighting and a sleek modern fireplace. Other details — like porthole-shaped mirrors and a boat-style ladder that leads up to an attic playspace — extend the maritime theme. A 3D topographic map that hangs on one wall proves perfect for helping first-time visitors brush up on their local geography.

Chalet Cabine-A cabin

Speaking of which, the rental’s proximity to the region’s Le Massif Ski Resort is another big part of its appeal. To help visitors prepare for a full day at the slopes, the spacious downstairs change room was designed specifically with ski gear in mind, offering no shortage of hooks for goggles, jackets, and snow pants, plus under-bench storage perfect for stashing ski boots.

But even if you visit just to enjoy some quiet time with good company in a beautiful setting, the cabin has enough amenities (namely, a spacious deck, a gas barbecue, and a luxurious hot tub) to keep your stay entertaining. Plus, with enough bedrooms and bunk beds to sleep 14, the property is more than ready for an extended crew. In other words, start making some calls — it’s time to get all hands on deck for your next getaway. And there’s no better way to get there than inside the roomy, relaxing cabin of the BMW iX.

Images courtesy of Monsieur Chalets