2021 RAM TRX: 5 Things You Need to Know

The evolution of the super-truck has been an interesting one to follow, and while things like the 2021 Ram TRX are no longer meant to be the practical rolling utility of decades past, that’s also part of the fun. Much like how the supercar/hypercar scene has no ceiling, it seems as though truck brands like Ram are equally willing to throw caution to the wind and build some seriously over-the-top trucks that rival the countless custom builds we’ve been seeing across North America. We’ve already shown you the Ram TRX’s ability to take flight earlier this year, but there’s a lot more to know about one of our favourite trucks of the year.

2021 ram trx

What is it?

Insane obviously. It’s a 700-hp supertruck with jacked up suspension and massive tires that’s designed to be a “pre runner”. Maybe you’ve seen off-road truck racing in Baja, California where they’re going 200kph over what looks like the double black diamond mogul run at Whistler/Blackcomb but in the desert? Yeah that. This is designed to eat this sort of punishment for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In trade, this makes the 2021 Ram TRX well suited to Toronto and Montreal city streets after the plows are done with them. If high-speed shenanigans aren’t your thing, then go find more technical backwoods trails. With its one foot — well, 11.8 inches — of ground clearance, 35-inch rubber and low-range gearing, there’s very little out there that’ll slow it down. Suspension articulation is also quite extreme for a production truck, though just shy of being able to impress Jeep Jamboree types…

That’s It?

Well, if that’s not enough to convince you, it’s probably worth noting the cavernous and shockingy luxurious interior. It’s not hyperbole to say it’s executed at a level commensurate to an AMG Mercedes. Look I’m just the messenger, it’s that nice.  Lots of alcantara, a panoramic roof, a 19-speaker ear-bleed inducing Harmon Kardon stereo, French double stitching, and on and on. Not to mention a huge centre screen, and intuitive infotainment system that’s easy to switch between Dodge’s own performance apps and Apple Car Play. Still not impressed? We haven’t yet gotten to the screen-configurable suspension, engine power ,and steering firmness settings. There are factory settings like Sport and Baja, or you can setup a profile with everything dialed in to your liking. Full power, soft suspension, quick steering!

2021 ram trx

$125k+ Have You Lost Your Mind?

Probably. But you couldn’t build this yourself for less, and based on what we’ve seen in northern Ontario, just about everyone who owns a truck outside of urban centres has tried. Take the Bilstein Blackhawk e-2 shocks for example. A set of four is around $10,000 just for the parts, not that they will sell them to you. Ignoring all the things you can’t easily change, like reinforcing the frame or the things you can’t change at all like building sections of the frame out of thicker and/or stronger steel. Then there’s the matter of all the terrain response and chassis tuning electronics that could only be developed and implemented by an OEM. It’s such a comprehensively thorough re-engineering of the RAM 1500, all with the intent of making a legitimate pre-runner style desert racer. The greatest tragedy of owning one would be to not live near a desert, though most prospective owners are likely already thinking of abandoned trails, roads, and the like where they could put the TRX to work.

Then There’s the Engine

The car geeks among you already know the insane specs of this beast. No doubt the last of its kind before everything is driven by sun, wind, or hydro powered anodes and cathodes, this is one helluva way to go out. The 6.2-litre supercharged and intercooled V8 delivers 702-hp and 650-lb.ft. of torque, and can wrest this three ton behemoth from stationary to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds. Just let that roll around in your head for a minute. Basically this battleship can out-accelerate every sexy Italian dream car that hung on your bedroom wall, and take Farrah Fawcet home in the process. And it’s a good thing the engine is so almighty and impressive, as corners on asphalt will scare you to death. It does not, cannot, and will not “handle”. On one rough-ish patch of straight and flat highway the suspension entered some rather disturbing paroxysms that can best be describe as a death wobble. Fun. That said, Much like the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, or the Ford F-150 Raptor, pavement is not the arena of the TRX, and we’ll happily be varying degrees of forgiving on that front.

2021 ram trx

Ludicrously Juvenile

Even an 11-year old passenger opined “It’s not very practical, is it?” but also conceded that, yes, absolutely he would want one especially if it came in blue (which it does). And such is the way with ridiculous vehicles and the purported adults that love them. It’s your very own monster truck right from the factory, complete with a warranty that you’re free to test the limits of — probably about 6’ of air, depending on the angle of approach. It’s expensive but it’s properly sorted, and like a Bugatti it has more capability than you’ll have either the space or skill to use. If you can possibly fathom some kind of justification for owning and driving a RAM TRX, then absolutely run down to your dealer and get in line for this rather unique, entertaining and massively impractical 4WD amusement park ride.

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