Winning Mindset: Meet NBA Star and Invictus Ambassador Jalen Green

Jalen Green has a lot to prove. The upstart shooting guard from suburban California was the second overall pick in the first round of the 2021 round, plucked straight out of high school and landing right behind hotshot Pistons point guard Cade Cunningham and ahead of future Rookie of the Year Scottie Barnes. His impact on his new team has been immediate, but the Houston Rockets have continued to struggle around him, so far failing to capitalize on his more than 22 points and nearly 4 rebounds per game to wind up with the NBA’s league-worst record this season, racking up a mere 22 wins. There’s no doubt that Green is a future All Star already playing some truly magnificent basketball — and all that at the age of 21. But right now, all eyes are on the big man to help his team earn some W’s.

The good news is, he’s ready for it — more than ready. To hear Green tell it, he’s hungry to get out there on the floor and prove that he’s capable of doing even more for the ailing Rockets franchise, maybe even bringing them back to the hallowed state of their championship glory days of the mid-1990s. While Green himself making the All Star team sooner or later feels inevitable, actually propelling the team he’s on to a winning record (let alone a chip) is going to be an uphill challenge. It’s going to take every last ounce of a winning mindset that Green’s spent years diligently cultivating.

Green spoke to SHARP about his winning mindset, his ambitions to become an NBA champion, and his successful partnership with Invictus Victory and Paco Rabanne.

What does victory feel like to you? 

Victory to me is working towards a goal and achieving it. That’s always a win in my eyes, especially if you work for something and it comes to fruition.

What was your experience like being at such an early stage of the G League Ignite? How did the experience differ from your expectations?

The G league was a pivotal stage for me. I moved out and was on my own at 18 playing to play professional basketball. During that time, I grew up very fast the experience overall helped me mature and improve my game the court. Being around vets and other pros showed me what it’s like to live and work like a pro and I am forever appreciative of the experience. 

What are your personal hopes for All Star and All NBA selections going forward? Are those expectations you have for yourself now that you are no longer a rookie?

The goal is to make the all-star team and get my team to the playoffs. My initial years have been filled with a ton of self-growth but I want to start winning more games. It would be amazing to be an All-Star, that’s definitely a goal but, getting to the playoffs is on my list as well. 

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Have you always been into cologne/fragrance or is this something new that you’ve started exploring more recently?

Since a kid I’ve always liked fragrances. It’s a necessity when I step out. You feel good when you smell good, and I feel refreshed and clean when I have a cologne on.

What is it about Invictus Victory that resonates for you? Is it more about the aromas themselves, or the energy and feel of the brand/its branding/etc?

What resonates with me about Invictus Victory is definitely the energy and feel of the brand. The boldness and confidence that the brand exudes really speaks to me as an athlete. The packaging and overall aesthetic aligns with my personal style. Of course, the colognes themselves are important as well, as I want to smell good on and off the court, but it’s the overall vibe of the brand that really draws me in.

How did your relationship with Invictus Victory and Paco Rabanne get started? 

My relationship with Invictus and Paco Rabanne began when I received a partnership offer to be a part of their campaign. The international campaign was shot in Spain, and it was an experience I will never forget. The Paco Rabanne team have been great to work with. They’ve treated me like family from the beginning and welcomed me and my team during my trip to Spain a few summers ago.