Toronto Home Prices Up 20 Per Cent Last Year: Here’s What We’re Reading Today

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Here’s what we’re reading today.

1. Condo prices leading the surge of Toronto home prices

“An argument that has gained quite a bit of traction over the last 2 years or so is that home prices in Toronto, particularly of single detached homes have gone through the roof because there aren’t enough homes being built to keep up with the number of people looking to buy property.”

Vice News

2. Ottawa projects decades of deficits as federal finances worsen

“The report from Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s department marks the first time the federal government has updated its long-term fiscal projections since the fall of 2014. At that time, the price of oil was in the midst of a steep decline that would ultimately deliver significant pain to the Canadian economy.”

Globe and Mail

3. As Trump promotes torture, humanitarian groups fear a coming boom

“Now, after President-elect Donald J. Trump’s campaign vows to reinstate the sort of torture used in the Bush-era war on terrorism — and to fill the Guantánamo Bay prison with ‘some bad dudes’ — human rights experts fear that authoritarian regimes around the world will see it as another green light to carry out their own abuses.”

New York Times

+1: Donald Trump’s Twitter account is a security disaster waiting to happen – BuzzFeed News

+1: Is Trump seriously considering a moon base? – The Atlantic

4. UK’s lack of negotiating experience may lead to ‘very hard Brexit’

“Britain’s four-decade membership of the EU has left it lacking experience in international negotiations, which will hamper it in trade talks and may lead to ‘a very hard Brexit’, Norway’s prime minister has said.

“Erna Solberg, speaking to Reuters at a meeting of Bavaria’s centre-right CSU party in Germany, said that the UK worked slowly in discussions due to a lack of recent experience of entering talks alone.”

The Guardian

5. Mark Zuckerberg shares Facebook’s secrets with all his employees, and almost none of it leaks

“The CEO opens up to 16,000 employees once a week. Why don’t you hear more about it?”