Hop Into A Genesis & Explore Our Favourite Golf Courses in Canada

Genesis & SHARP


Long known as one of the best cities in Canada for its nightlife and restaurants, Montreal is a destination all its own. It’s also the perfect starting point for driving into the scenic Laurentides region; the area is a favourite with the ski and snowboard crowd in the winter, but something of an undiscovered gem in the warmer months.

Genesis GV60

With Quebec’s abundant hydroelectric power charging up your GV60, dodge the city’s constant construction and potholes and get out of town to the northwest. Genesis’s smart cruise control will help you shrug off the bumper to bumper city traffic, then head onto PR 117 as it threads along the banks of Rivière du Nord.

Stop off at at a small cafe en route like VOX Micro-Torréfacteur et Cafe in Saint-Agathe-des-Monts, an artisan microroastery specializing in fair-trade blends and distinct coffee varietals. Your destination is just half an hour further down the road, and you’ll need your wits about you to play.

Le Diable is a aptly-named course in the Mont Tremblant area, its narrow fairways studded with red sand bunkers and changes in elevation. Built in the late 1990s, it offers stunning views but requires concentration to keep your stroke count low. Designed by the same duo behind the twinned Devil’s Pulpit and Devil’s Paintbrush courses, this 7056-yard course will test you right from the start, with a stunning backdrop while you’re contemplating your next move.

As it’s a ski resort during the winter, Mont Tremblant has plenty of well-appointed hotels to choose from. Dine right in the village with plenty of options for Italian French cuisine, such as the top-rated Le Bistro at Bel Air.

Remember to pack your swimming gear, as winding down options after eighteen holes at Mont Tremblant includes the not-to-be-missed Scandinave Nordic Spa. Let Le Diable test your skills, then relax your body with a well-earned rest.


The unspoken first rule of a great golf trip is to get up early and get out of town. In the elegant, executive-class comfort of a GV80, you’ll swish through the streets before they get snarled, headed north to cottage country.

Genesis GV80

Hit up Orillia first to get some caffeine to fuel your journey, stopping at either The Lone Wolf Cafe or the Mark IV Brothers roastery for some small-batch specialties. Then hit ON-11 and activate the GV80’s automated cruise control to get the miles under your belt.

Head west at the ON-141W exit, and finally revel in the scenic part of the drive. There are great views to be had all along the edges of Rousseau Lake, then turn south at Hayes Corners as your golf experience is just ten minutes ahead.

Toronto Golf Genesis

Rocky Crest Golf Resort is a consistent top pick among golfing aficionados, debuting in 2001 as one of the top five courses in all of Ontario. It’s a mix of lush woods and granite outcroppings, the perfect lake country backdrop to a flowing style of play.

The resort itself is a jewel, the loghouse-style clubhouse giving the place the feel of a Muskoka summer. Relax on the flagstone patio for a well-deserved nineteenth hole.


Many visitors to Vancouver choose to head straight up the Sea-To-Sky highway towards Whistler, a recreation wonderland in all seasons. You can’t go wrong here with courses like Nicklaus North or Fairmont Chateau Whistler, but — for those that are a bit more adventurous — the hidden gems are further into the mountains.

Genesis GV70 electrified

Instead of heading up the coast, get through the rush of the Fraser Valley in an electrified GV70 crossover, perfect for taking on the Coquihalla Pass on your way to Merritt, BC. Highway 5 has a vast sense of scale that really shows off just how big, wild, and empty most of BC is, and with onboard driver assists and plenty of range, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Stop off in Merritt to top off your battery at any one of a number of fast chargers, and head over to the Kekuli Cafe to quell any hunger pangs. A unique experience that blends Indigenous influences into its cuisine, it’s a ‘can’t miss’ experience. A breakfast bannock sandwich will fuel your whole day.


Next, get off the highway and onto 5A, one of the prettiest two-lane roads you can find in BC. This is rancher country, and you’ll see lakes with plenty of sport fisherman trying their luck dotted through the rolling vistas.

It’s worth exploring all of 5A if you’ve the time, but our destination course is not far along: the Sagebrush Golf Club near Quilchena. This par-72 course often rates among the top ten courses in Canada with critics; it’s special for its semi-desert terrain. The view is breathtaking, especially in the long, golden hours of the evening.

Staying nearby in Merritt is always an option, as Sagebrush partners with several hotels beside its private on-course lodge. However, this is an adventure, and there’s multiple four-star options in Kelowna — just an hour and a half away. Here, you’ll be right on Okanagan Lake, with plenty of water recreation to be had if you’re making a weekend of it.