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Stop feeling left out at the water cooler.

Here’s a Second-by-Second Breakdown of Last Night’s Insane Academy Awards Finale

We studied the footage like the Zapruder film.

‘Get Out’ Really Is as Good as Rotten Tomatoes Says It Is

It’s a modern horror classic.

Why HBO’s ‘Crashing’ is TV’s Most Honest New Sitcom

Comedian Pete Holmes talks working with Judd Apatow, dramatizing his personal life, and his hilarious new show.

Watch Harrison Ford Nearly Crash His Plane Into an American Airlines 737

Pretty harrowing stuff.

Alex Trebek Rapping Drake and Kanye Is Even More Glorious Than It Sounds

Here are our eight takeaways.

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Watch Denzel Washington Relive His Greatest Characters Through a Bunch of Normals

An old lady quoting ‘Training Day’ is as awesome as it sounds.