X-Men: Apocalypse‘s Monique Ganderton Wants to Be Invisible

When you think about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse — and doesn’t everyone at some point in the day? — you probably don’t picture a knockout like Monique Ganderton. And yet, she’ll be riding alongside Oscar Isaac’s Apocalypse in this month’s X-Men: Apocalypse.

Not that she can tell us very much about her character, Death. “She’s being kept a secret,” laughs Ganderton. “But when it came to casting, they needed someone with a very physical presence and I guess they saw that in me.”

It’s not hard to see why. The statuesque Canadian stuntwoman and actress has pulled off all sorts of death-defying acts in movies like Tron: Legacy, 2012 and past X-Men films. “I’ve played a lot of physically imposing characters over the years, like witches, monsters and mutants, and I love it,” says Ganderton. “I think that kind of a background plus my stunt-work was exactly what they were looking for for Death.”

Despite her tough exterior, Ganderton has a few soft spots, one of them being animals. In fact, a few of her pet chickens (she has 30 in total) even threatened to interrupt our chat at one point. Those other soft spots came into play during our superhero-centric round of “Would You Rather?”


Would you rather use your powers for good or evil?

For good, no question. I want to rescue people and animals. I’ll be an animal vigilante. But that might make me evil to humans if I’m saving animals from them.

Would you rather have the power of flight or invisibility?

Oh. I think invisibility. Then I can be a sneaky vigilante.


Would you rather wear a cape or a mask?

A mask. I think a black one and it might cover my hair. Like a Batman cowl. It would be really androgynous. But, if I’m invisible, do I really need a mask? I might take a cape.

Would you rather have a sidekick, be in a group or be solo?

I think a sidekick, a partner. They’d have a completely different skill than me. When you’re in a group, it might be difficult to get on the same page. But if you have a solid partner with opposite skills, that would be great.


Would you rather have a badass ride or a badass lair?

Badass lair for sure. The ride has to be incognito. I don’t want to be flashy or everyone will know that it’s me, the superhero, riding around in a sweet car while there are children starving! Save money on the car and have a cool lair. I’d build it myself…it would be an animal rescue.

Would you rather be able to shape shift or walk through walls?

Shape shift. It goes with my incognito theme. I’m looking forward to this superhero.

Which superhero’s powers would you most want?

Oh, that’s a tough one. I really love Wolverine, but maybe I want him to be my sidekick because he’s so cool. Maybe I’d be the good Mystique. It’s my shape shifting thing. But powers for good, not evil.


Images: Charlie Langella / Kristine Cofsky / Camilla Camaglia