Make a statement with Shwood’s premium RX hardwood frames

So simple, yet so undeniably cool. The Shwood RX collection offers prescription frames crafted from sustainably harvested exotic hardwoods like dark and light walnut, along with some even more exotic options, like zebrawood. Wood, we would have thought, ought to have been a given when it comes to constructing a set of frames, but because the material tends to be fragile, acetate, tortoiseshell and other synthetics took the cake—but that just means you can be different. Thanks to the brand’s new Super Groove Structure technology, a rigid metal ring hides within the set, making each pair durable and able to hold even thick, high-prescription lenses without worry or splitting or cracking. Each pair’s beautiful grain pattern has been hand-selected from premium grade lumber, and you can see the process in action in Shwood’s video.