The 2015 Grammys: Best and Worst Dressed

The Grammys are one of the most entertaining awards shows, thanks to two things: the great musical performances and the relaxed atmosphere that encourages everyone to have more fun with fashion. However, this doesn’t mean that anything goes—we give you a run-down of who managed to pull off a mix of polish and personality, and who needs to try harder next year.


Best: Ne-Yo

The rich olive colour of Ne-Yo’s suit is unexpected, but really works for an event where you can diverge from traditional black tie. Never one to shy away from accessories, the hat, sunnies and lapel pins add a lot of personality, while the absence of a tie was the right choice to help relax the look and keep it from being over-accessorized.

Worst: Hozier

While I appreciate Hozier’s efforts to class it up for the Grammys, his oversized tuxedo comes across as a rental, even if it isn’t. He looked much more at ease and stylish in his all-black ensemble with a long overcoat, once he got up on stage to sing with Annie Lennox. Next time, let’s see more of that.

Best: Dierks Bentley

This country crooner ditched the Dallas duds and cleaned up well for the evening’s festivities. The light pattern on the suit is unique and keeps Dierks Bentley from being mistaken for a cater waiter (always a potential concern when you opt for white suiting), and the black accessories help to ground and add a touch of formality to a suit that could read as very casual when styled differently.

Best: Juicy J

Juicy J brought the bling to this red carpet. He was right to stick with black and white and let the sheen of the suit and his diamond watch, tennis bracelet and pinky ring do the talking. The sneakers and sunglasses are just the right touch of casual and cool to play against what could have easily been too much sparkle in less capable hands.

Worst: Chris Brown

There are a bunch of style ideas here and none are particularly good. I’m assuming Chris Brown was aiming for an ‘I don’t give a f**k, look how cool I am,’ appearance, but instead comes off as a sloppy try-hard. Refer back to Ne-Yo to see how to properly do relaxed suiting with sunglasses and a hat.

Worst: John Legend

This is a sleek tuxedo thanks to the cool grey colour and thin shawl collar lapel, but for some reason, it just doesn’t work. Yes, the fit is off—the cuffs and pants are too long—but it mainly comes down to the fact that John Legend doesn’t look comfortable in it. Better posture and an air of confidence would have made it all the more memorable…in a good way.

Best: John Mayer

Taking the traditional route, John Mayer turned up in a classic tuxedo, but in a modern-feeling grey, which is quickly turning out to be the colour of choice for this awards season (with navy not far behind). And while stubble is accepted on the red carpet now, it’s nice to see him show up clean shaven. Another win for guys with glasses!

Worst: Nick Jonas

At first glance this isn’t terrible—interesting pattern, a suit that goes beyond standard formal wear—but then, in true Nick Jonas form, you realize the fit is on the tight side of just right (see the shoulders buckling?). Time to ease up on the tailoring. Also, when comparisons to Pee-wee Herman’s style start popping up on Twitter, you know you’re doing it wrong.

Worst: Blake Shelton

Yes, a country singer’s staple is boot-cut jeans and cowboy boots, but does that mean they can and should be worn at every possible opportunity? No. You can get away with a lot at the Grammys, but your cleanest pair of jeans and poorest fitting blazer does not make for a successful red carpet outing.

Best: Street Symphony

Producer Street Symphony (aka Torrance Esmond) stepped out in my favourite look of the evening. The relatively monochromatic colour scheme (black, white and grey) is made more interesting thanks to the texture of the velvet jacket and slippers and the interesting two-tone detailing of the shawl-collar. Plus, we never get to see enough eyeglasses at award shows!