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10 Luxe Cigar Accessories


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10 Luxe Cigar Accessories

By: Coleman Molnar|February 11, 2015
Tagged With: Cigars



S.T. Dupont Humidor

And on the darker side…The glossy finish of this humidor ensures it’s something you want out for people to see. The lacquered wood and palladium finished box can fit up to 75 cigars.


S.T. Dupont Ceramium Lighter

It might look like one of Batman’s cool gadgets but this thing has only one function: to light that cigar. It might not have as many add-ons as something out of the Batmobile, but you’ll definitely look as suave as Bruce Wayne when you use it.


Alessi Bauhaus Ashtray

An ashtray by way of art. The design of this ashtray is so modern, guests might be surprised when you rest a cigar on it.


Cartier Losange Decor Lighter

Lighters have a way of escaping your pocket and finding their way into somebody else’s. Deco-inspired and palladium-finished, you’ll be sure to keep a close leash on this one.


Prometheus Cigar Case

Cigars have a reputation of being sleek and sexy. The Prometheus cigar case is a worthy partner-in-crime. Crafted from Spanish leather the case is strong enough to protect your favourite stogies. Is it any wonder why it’s named after a Titan?


Davidoff Cigar Cutter

This see-through design comes complete with an extra-hard, scratch-proof sapphire glass and three different sized, laser-sharpened stainless steel blades. This belongs in your life.


Veritas Large Cigar Ashtray

A good luxury item doesn’t just look great; it feels great too. Weighing in at 5lbs, this glass ashtray is as substantial as those coveted stogies you’ll rest in it.

$345 from

Tejus Cigar Case from Prometheus

Because occasion may take you far from your humidor, you’ll need a case. This Spanish-made leather container will protect your cigars (three of them, as large as a 60 ring gauge) from the loose balls in your golf bag.


The Double Guillotine by Brizard & Co.

Cigar cutters are easily one of the coolest accessories a man can own. There’s something about the blade, the metal, the mechanism; a small guillotine you keep in your pocket. Plus, an improperly cut cigar is hardly worth smoking at all.


Partido No. 124 Leather Humidor by Ghurka

This hardwood humidor wrapped in full-grain leather is simple, elegant and functional. With a Spanish ceder interior and a crystal humidity device, it will keep up to 35 of your best cigars in prime condition.


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