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The 11 Best BBQS

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Food & Drink

The 11 Best BBQS

By: Sharp Staff|April 29, 2015




This BBQ comes complete with 1,050 square inches of cooking space and eye-catching Brazilian cherry wood accents. A sear burner as well as a rotisserie burner ensures you can cook almost anything outside. Which is your right as a man.

Frontgate cross-flame pro series grill, $16,1900


This is one handsome unit. Plus it has dual-fuel capabilities, meaning it can burn coal or wood in one instance, then propane or natural gas in the next.

Kalamazoo K750HT, $11,300 to $21,200 depending on specifications


With a total of six burners and and a combined cooking area of 900 square inches, you could make and top off as many as 31 burgers. And isn’t that the ultimate summertime dream?

Napolean Prestige Pro Pro500RSIB, $1,900


Okay so this one is technically a smoker, but it’s cool looking, and your backyard deserves it. Smoke your meat without ever worrying about losing heat; the two door chamber allow you to replenish wood and water without letting out any glorious heat.

Master Chef vertical propane smoker, $250


This stainless steel grill has two grill burners, a rotisserie grill and a searing burner. Add to that list a drop-in smoker box and a warming box and you have a grill that will induce neighbourhood-wide jealousy.

Monogram 42″ outdoor cooking center, $6,500


With six burners and 769 square feet of space to cook on, this unit it’s practically better than your kitchen.

Weber summit grill center, $4,000


This compact BBQ goes wherever you do. The portable grill is only 14×14 inches and sets up in a purported twenty seconds. But don’t sell it short, the GoBQ will still grill all your favourite dishes just the way you like them.

GoBQ grill, Preorder: $135


Don’t let the size fool you, this grill is still gourmet cooking. Its charcoal kettle is considered iconic and (big bonus!) is the easiest of this list to clean.

Weber master-touch 22-inch charcoal grill, $220


If your backyard always seems to be the summer spot for grill-centric gatherings, then this smoker/grill, with its expandable and versatile cooking space, belongs there.

Yoder YS640 competition pellet cover, $2,050


This grill has gas, charcoal and wood and lets you cook with any combination of the three. Cook your meat over a live fire. Beating on your chest is optional.

Kalamazoo outdoor gourmet freestanding grill, $17,000


This grill claims the most even and reliable cook surface temperatures, thanks to a new “ceramic cooking” technology…but you’ll only know for sure once you slap a giant steak on it.

Cuisinart ceramic 900 natural gas BBQ, $950

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