12 Hats To Wear This Summer

Good news gentlemen, hats are back. No need to bare your face to the elements for fear of looking like an fool in a fedora. Summer is here and we encourage you to look the part. Here are a few options that will look great no matter what the outdoor occasion calls for.


 Around Town

Finding the perfect hat to wear around town in the summer can be difficult. It needs to be breathable and suitable for any weather. Thanks Canada.

Brixton Baxter hat, $75



Hermes cashmere cap, $600





Brooks Brothers Panama, $298

Weekend Getaway

If you’re uncertain what the weekend dress code will be, go with one of these options that can handle the transition from lakeside hangout to nighttime soiree.

John Varvatos, $75


Borsalino papier hat, $210


Brixton Maddock fedora, $75

Lunch Date

A clean-cut look is optimal for midday. These hats are lightweight and almost seem like an afterthought. They’re that cool.

John Varvatos straw fedora, $80


Banana Republic driving cap, $50


Goorin Panama, $160


Kaufman-Mercantile straw & leather hat, $215


Scala straw boater, $180

Cocktail Party

With everyone downing cocktails, now’s your chance to pull out those slightly whimsical numbers.

Van Gils bowler hat, $115