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20 NFL Instagram Accounts to Follow


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20 NFL Instagram Accounts to Follow

By: Bianca Teixeira|September 17, 2015



Erin Andrews

Name: @ErinAndrews

Followers: 498K

Job: Fox Sports Sportscaster

What You’ll Find: Her cover shots, interviews (both on and off the field) and cool job perks.

Connor Barwin

Name: @connorbarwin98

Followers: 110K

Team: Philadelphia Eagles (outside linebacker)

What You’ll Find: His doll, his outside projects and trips with the boys.

Martellus Bennett

Name: @martellusb

Followers: 67K

Team: Chicago Bears (tight end)

What You’ll Find: A love of food, his model wife and his adorable daughter.

Reggie Bush

Name: @reggiebush

Followers: 528K

Team: San Francisco 49ers (running back)

What You’ll Find: Stylish looks, funny memes and a girlfriend that reminds us of someone…

Vernon Davis

Name: @vernondavis85

Followers: 865K

Team: San Francisco 49ers (tight end)

What You’ll Find: Big smiles, hero worship and hilarious off-season activities.

Eric Decker

Name: @edeck87

Followers: 728K

Team: New York Jets (wide receiver)

What You’ll Find: His dogs, his teammates and his wife.

Darnell Dockett

Name: @dockett90

Followers: 194K

Team: Free Agent (defensive end)

What You’ll Find: Intense selfies, throwbacks and dogs.

Julian Edelman

Name: @edelman11

Followers: 583K

Team: New England Patriots (wide receiver)

What You’ll Find: Visits with special fans, stylish suits and victories.

DeSean Jackson

Name: @0ne0fone

Followers: 760K

Team: Washington Redskins (wide receiver)

What You’ll Find: Cool art, tattoo close-ups and all things macho.

Chad Johnson

Name: @ochocinco

Followers: 803K


What You’ll Find: Team photos, glamour shots and Ronaldo’s son.

Colin Kaepernick

Name: @kaepernick7

Followers: 1.4M

Team: San Francisco 49ers (quarterback)

What You’ll Find: Other athletic interests, squad shots and workouts.


Name: @nfl

Followers: 4M

Job: Uh, they are the NFL.

What You’ll Find: Final scores, record comparisons and cringe-worthy action shots.

Richard Sherman

Name: @rsherman25

Followers: 1.3M

Team: Seattle Seahawks (cornerback)

What You’ll Find: Gorgeous vacations, training camp and cool kicks.

JJ Watt

Name: @justinjames99

Followers: 1.1M

Team: Houston Texans (defensive end)

What You’ll Find: Abs, crazy workouts and a pretty funny Jen Aniston crush.

Russell Wilson

Name: @dangerusswilson

Followers: 1.6M

Team: Seattle Seahawks (quarterback)

What You’ll Find: Trips to children’s hospitals, his girlfriend Ciara and wild animals.

Odell Beckham Jr

Name: @iam_objxiii

Followers: 2M

Team: New York Giants (wide receiver)

What You’ll Find: Award show goodies, all kinds of work outs and double trouble.

Adam Schefter

Name: @adamschefter

Followers: 43.4K

Job: Sports writer and TV analyst

What You’ll Find: Celebrity sightings, on-the-job snaps and indulging his kids.

Travelle Gaines

Name: @AthleticGaines

Followers: 7.3K

Job: NFL Trainer

What You’ll Find: Work outs, work outs and many more work outs.

Ben Liebenberg

Name: @Ben_Liebenberg

Followers: 15.8K

Job: NFL Staff Photographer

What You’ll Find: Cool catches, glamour shots and the occasional concert.


Name: @nflcheerleaders

Followers: 13.3K

Job: Lead cheers.

What You’ll Find: Group shots, practices and pompoms.

Daniel Jeremiah

Name: @movethesticks

Followers: 6.9K

Job: NFL Network Analyst

What You’ll Find: Draft prospects, field reporting and stadium shots.

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