Nancy Meyers Names Her Top RomComs

No one does romantic comedies — or “relationship movies,” as she’d have you call them — better than Nancy Meyers. If you’re not well acquainted with the genre, well, you should be. We asked Meyers for some of good places to start. Consider this your rom-com internship.


Broadcast News

“I just love Jim Brooks’s movies.”


Anything by Billy Wilder

“To me, he’s god. He’s a movie god. He’s the greatest. His movies are the ones I go to time and again.”


Anything written by Samson Raphaelson and directed by Ernst Lubitsch

“If I ever see them on there’s no chance I’m going to turn them off.”


It Happened One Night

“At its heart it’s a romantic comedy. And I think it won the first Oscar.”


Silver Linings Playbook

“It’s a newer one, but it fits the mold. Real characters. Real heart. And funny.”