Sharp List: Tom Dixon ‘Earth’ Charcoal Scent Diffuser

Dude. We need to talk about your place. Here’s the thing: it stinks. Not sure if you forgot to air out the ol’ hockey bag for a few days or if you’ve been “experimenting” in the kitchen again to no avail, but we’d honestly rather stick our heads in a sliced-open tauntaun than hang out in your living room. And that Febreeze crap you’ve been spraying everywhere doesn’t help much, either. Honestly, it just makes things worse.

What you really need is one of these bad boys from British homeware designer Tom Dixon. The shapely, mouth-blown glass vessel contains a invigorating fragrance of mint, cedar and guaiac wood that’s easily disseminated with a swirl of the accompanying charcoal stick. Give it a few hours to work its magic, and we might even consider taking out our nose plugs next time we’re over.