43 Refugees Dead Off the Coast of Greece as Two More Boats Sink: Here’s Today’s Most Important News

1. 17 children are among the 43 dead after two migrant boats sunk off the coast of Greece today. Last year more than a million refugees came to Europe from the war-torn areas in Africa and the Middle East.

2. American conservative magazine National Review just released a special issue dedicated to taking down Donald Trump. Read Tea Party firebrand Glenn Beck’s take on the billionaire celebrity.

3. Can the Internet predict the Oscars? Stats nerd haven FiveThirtyEight looks at several possible outcomes.

4. Farmers in rural Myanmar are just now gaining access to smartphone technology. The Atlantic published this dispatch on the country’s burgeoning internet revolution and how technology is shaping an ancient culture.

5. What really happened to Target in Canada? Macleans has the untold story of Target Canada’s difficult birth, rough life and brutal death.