Filson’s Retro Dive Watches Are Like Wearing Ernest Hemingway’s Beard on Your Wrist

Remember when you read The Old Man and the Sea for the first time in high school? You got to the end of that brilliant, engrossing tale of nautical survival, flipped to the back page and saw the author photo — with Hemingway’s glorious salty beard perched above a chunky knit turtleneck — and you thought to yourself, Yep, that is exactly the kind of manly, seafaring trailblazer I want to be when I grow up.


You’ll have a similar feeling the moment you lay your eyes on Filson’s latest timepiece, the Dutch Harbor. Inspired by ’50s-era dive watches, it’s as clean and classic and endlessly wearable as a breton-striped shirt.

Built in Detroit by Shinola, the 43mm case is water resistant up to 900 feet, with a unidirectional bezel and high-contrast hands for easy legibility beneath the depths.


The watch comes in a range of handsome colours — we’re partial to the bold yellow face up top — with a choice of leather, nylon, rubber or stainless steel bands.


All told, it’s precisely the go-anywhere, do-anything watch you’ve been searching for. You might not be able to grow a beard as spectacular as Hemingway’s, but at least you can rock a timepiece he’d be proud of.


Images: Filson