These Japanese Fabric-Lined Jeans Will Take Your Denim Game to New Heights

Look, you can trust us. We can keep a secret. Go ahead and admit it, we won’t tell a soul: you’re kinda bored of jeans, aren’t you? You love how they go with everything, love breaking in raw denim and making it your own, but lately you’ve found yourself reaching for chinos and cords and flannel trousers more often than ever. It’s okay, we get it. And we’ve also found you a solution.


Crafted in Japan from the finest 13oz raw selvedge denim, these classic straight-leg jeans from Portland’s Kiriko feature 5 and 1/2 inches of traditional Japanese fabric lining the bottom of each leg. Flip up the cuffs and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous pattern to break up the monotony of the indigo, plus a decent conversation starter when a sharp-eyed lady at the bar takes notice.


Images: Kiriko