Adrianne Ho Makes a Damn Good Bathing Suit

Adrianne Ho isn’t your typical model. Yes, she’s stunningly gorgeous with sharp cheekbones and a sinewy figure, but that’s not all she’s capable of. The 27-year-old is also a successful entrepreneur. And she’s not done yet.

Raised in Toronto, Adrianne became a fitness junkie almost around the time she became a model. Soon after moving to LA to pursue her career (which has included modelling for GQ, Nike and MAC Cosmetics), Adrianne started the lifestyle website Sweat The Style, based on active living, natural beauty and eating clean. “It’s actually in the process of being turned into a TV show,” Adrianne says. “It’s called Sweat the City, where I travel around and meet experts in fitness, food and fashion.” In no time, the French-Chinese beauty soon began designing clothing. “Being active is such a huge part of my life, I wanted to make sure the clothes I was wearing could accommodate everything I was doing.”

Recently, fashion retailer Simon’s asked Adrianne to design an exclusive line of swimwear. We caught up with the multi-talented model to play a quick round of Would You Rather on the very day her swimsuits hit stores.


Would you rather always have to work out but eat whatever you want or never have to work out but only eat healthy?

Oh my god, eat whatever I want! That’s the ultimate dream. It’s the story of my life anyway. I basically work out, then eat, then work out, then eat.

Would you rather spend a night in a haunted house or 24 hours with the last person you broke up with?

A night in the haunted house. At least that could be exciting and new [laughs].

Would you rather be a kid again for a day or be the opposite sex for a day? 

A kid again! I would go to Ikea and play in that ball pit. I’d just act irresponsible all day and it would be someone else’s problem.

Would you rather have a personal chef or a personal shopper?

A personal chef. My best friend is a chef and already I ask her to make me food! She makes this dish that if she were my personal chef, I’d have it all the time. It’s a salmon bowl with brown rice, sauce, pickled radishes, sautéed kale and an omelette. It’s the first thing I crave whenever I get to LA.

Would you rather live in the real life version of Jurassic Park or The Walking Dead?

Oh, Jurassic Park! The Walking Dead sounds so awful, I can’t even watch it. I think I’d do better in Jurassic Park. I loved the movie, so I have experience.


Would you rather date Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman?

Batman. He’s just way cooler than Superman. He’s got the gadgets, the cave, the car. He makes more sense as a boyfriend than Superman [laughs].

Would you rather accidentally send a dirty text to your boss or your parents?

My boss! Hopefully, we’d have the kind of relationship where I could easily explain myself. My parents? Not as easy to explain!